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Make an online consultation at the facility / with a doctor. Convenient, fast and safe medical consultations like never before!

11. Psychological consultation in English (on-line) change
180 zł
11. Psychological consultation in English (on-line)
180 zł
23. Couple psychotherapy in English (online)
300 zł
⭐ English Medical Consultation with English-speaking doctor
100 zł
6. Psychiatric consultation in English (on-line)
180 zł
6. Psychiatric consultation in English (on-line)
180 zł
6. Psychiatric consultation in English (on-line)
180 zł
6. Psychiatric consultation in English (on-line)
180 zł
26. Psychiatric consultation children and adolescents in English (on-line) change
300 zł
26. Psychiatric consultation children and adolescents in English (on-line)
300 zł
6. Psychiatric consultation in English (on-line)
180 zł
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Choose what you need

  • Continuation of the current therapy
  • Extension of the e-Prescription validity
  • e-Prescription for new drugs
Schedule e-Visit › From 49PLN
Medical consultation with the option of issuing an e-Prescription for:
  • Birth control pills
  • Emergency contraception
Schedule e-Visit › From 49 PLN
Online consultation with doctors - over 40 medical specializations.
Schedule e-Visit › From 49 PLN

How does it work?

Online consultation on haloDoctor - using medical services has never been easier.

Review profiles and qualifications, select a doctor and schedule your e-Visit online.

Chat/video with a doctor 24/7.

Szukasz specjalisty
Szukasz specjalisty

Search for a doctor

Find a medical facility or a specialist you wish to talk to.

  • Find a facility by selecting from a list of diseases or specialization.
  • Choose from hundreds of doctors and specialists available online.
  • Find a specialist and discuss your health Issues at a convenient time (even over the weekend or at night).
Rezerwujesz i opłacasz wizytę PayU
Rezerwujesz i opłacasz wizytę

Book an appointment

Choose a date and payment method.

  • Click on a consultation date of your choice.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Pay online for medical advice at a selected facility.
  • You will receive a link leading to the consultation window (video or chat).
Konsultacja i e-Recepta
Konsultacja i e-Recepta

Get medical advice via chat or video

Discuss your health issues with a doctor and receive a diagnosis, e-Prescription or e-Release.

  • Share your medical records with the doctor.
  • Discuss your symptoms via chat or video.
  • Ask the specialist the questions that are important to you.
  • If necessary, the doctor will issue an e- Prescription and e- Release for you.
  • The doctor decides whether to issue an e- Prescription or e- Release after conducting a medical interview / teleconsultation.

Available specializations

Be in constant contact with your doctor by using our platform.

Convenient, fast and safe medical consultations via chat, video or phone. Use our revolutionary product and stay safe!

No more waiting rooms! Individual online consultations will allow you to consult your health problems with specialists who will issue e-Prescription if needed.

Why is it worth a try?

Never before have medical visits been so easy and time-saving.
Contact specialists in a convenient way. Whenever and wherever you want.

Fast access
Register for e-Visit instantly and talk to the specialist via telemedicine platform. Don't wait in long queues. Receive e-Release or e-Prescription after the appointment.
Online consultation
E-visits are available in several ways: telephone calls, chats, video calls. You don’t need to leave the house - all you need is Internet access. Get medical advice even when you are abroad.
e-Prescriptions and other documents
During the online consultation, you can get an e-Prescription or e-Release. The specialist may also provide you with your complete medical records. Control your health with us!
Data safety
Your medical data is completely safe. The program used by specialists has the highest quality security and encryption system.
Medical history
Access your medical data whenever you want. Provide information about your health to specialists through haloDoctor.
Health monitoring
Monitor your health daily thanks to constant reminders about taking medications. Keep your patient journal with us!

What our patients are saying about us

Read what patients are telling about our haloDoctor telemedicine platform.

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