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What’s an e-Prescription?

You can get an e-prescription without leaving your home. When using the e-visit, there’s no risk than the prescription will be lost or there will be a problem with reading it. Drug dosages and recommendations are available for view at the IKP to help clear any concerns. The doctor has access to the history of medications, so it’s possible to extend the previously issued prescriptions.


How does an online prescription work?

An e-prescription is an electronic edition of a paper prescription that a doctor writes during a visit. E-prescription is the main form issued by doctors. Instead of a paper prescription, you receive a four-digit code, which you enter at the pharmacy along with your pesel number.  However medications dosages and recommendations are available for view at the IKP, without the risk of the card getting lost or not being able to read the doctor’s writing.

The biggest advantage of e-prescription is the possibility of receiving it without you going to the doctor’s office, during an e-visit via the haloDoctor platform.


The four-digit code, you can be used in any pharmacy. The system e-prescription has been distributed in Poland in 2020. It can be obtained through any form of contact with a doctor’s – stationary, by phone or online. Your doctor’s prescription is ready for use after a few minutes. The code is send as SMS, or a PDF file an e-mail or will be seen on IKP. The PDF file contains the entire prescription with QR code. The Patient Portal allows doctors to access previous prescriptions, which allows them to extend prescriptions for drugs issued in other offices.

The expiry date of the e-prescription depends on the type of drug and the doctor’s decisions.  It’s not possible to prescribe medication to another person, everyone must contact personally. You can get a prescription without having health insurance, but you have to take into account the fact that the prescription will be 100% paid, no refunds.


When you have the results of previously performed test, it’s possible to make an online consultation.  Online consultation allows you to issue any drug, even psychotropic – of course having a complete medical history. If a drug isn’t approved for sale in Poland, no doctors prescribe it. And a prescription from another country cannot be fulfilled in Poland. When it comes to a situation that the previously issued prescription expiries it’s necessary to consult it again.


You will receive an e-prescription without leaving your home when:


  • You need an extension of therapy with previously used drugs
  • You need a new prescription
  • You need a prescription for birth control pills
  • You need urgent emergency contraception

How do I get a prescription?


  • In the form of an SMS code, which together with your pesel number is enough to enter at the pharmacy
  • In the form of PDF files seen at e-mail address, which is enough to be scanned at the pharmacy
  • If you have an IKP, your e-prescription will appear in your profile.
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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

What medications will I get an e-Prescription for at haloDoctor platform?

Consulting doctors can issue an e-pPrescription for any existing drug. It should be remembered that each e-Prescription is a document issued inly in justified cases.

How long I have wait for e-Prescription?

e-Prescription will be issued during or immediately after the visit.

How much does a consultation cost together with issuing an e-Prescription?

Prices start from 49 PLN. In haloDoctor platform doctors decide on the cost of consultation. And this is what the prices of different specialists may differ.

How to pay for consultations along with issuing an e-Prescription?

Using PayU prepayment.

Why do I have to pay for issuing an e-Prescription?

Doctors providing consultations on the haloDoctor platform conduct individual medical practices that don’t have a contract with the NFZ (National Health Fund).

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