Morning-after pill

Take advantage of the opportunity for a medical consultation with a prescription for EllaOne or Escapelle.

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Get an e-Prescription for the "morning-after" pill.
Schedule an online doctor's visit and receive the prescription via SMS within a few minutes.

If your chosen contraceptive method fails or you and your partner did not adequately protect yourselves, you can always take advantage of the option and use the so-called "morning-after" pill.

Emergency contraception inhibits or delays ovulation and hinders embryo implantation. Thanks to this pill, you can avoid unwanted pregnancy and experience a sense of comfort.

Don't wait for an in-person visit to a doctor's office. Through the haloDoctor platform, which provides telemedicine services, you can schedule an online visit and receive an e-Prescription for the "morning-after" pill in as little as 10 minutes. All of this with full security and discretion.

Quick prescription for the morning-after pill

Get rapid emergency contraception:

  • schedule an online consultation by choosing the next available slot at a facility with one of the doctors
  • pay for the e-Visit, start the connection with the doctor
  • talk to the doctor about the need for the "morning-after" pill and any health contraindications
  • if the doctor deems it appropriate, go to the pharmacy and provide the 4-digit e-Prescription code received from the doctor via SMS

How much time do I have to take emergency contraception?

In the case of the "morning-after" pill, time is crucial. It is not worth delaying; instead, take the pill as soon as possible. The sooner it is taken, the greater effectiveness it can guarantee. It should be taken within 3 to 5 days after unprotected intercourse.

Take advantage of the convenience offered by e-Visits and, through chat, video chat, or phone conversation, ask the doctor for emergency contraception.


When can emergency contraception help?

  • After unprotected sexual intercourse,
  • sexual intercourse occurred on fertile days when natural family planning methods are used,,
  • Experience of sexual violence,
  • Condom breakage,
  • Failure to take contraceptive pills on time,
  • Failure to receive doses of hormones in patches or injections,
  • When any other contraceptive method has clearly failed.

How does the "morning-after" pill work?

In Poland, two types of preparations are available: EllaOne and Escapelle. They are taken orally and contain different hormonal substances. Regardless of the chosen type of emergency contraception, it is essential to take it as soon as possible.

Escapelle contains levonorgestrel, which prevents ovulation, inhibits the release of the egg cell, and hinders the movement of sperm. Escapelle can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse.


The hormone used in EllaOne tablets is ulipristal acetate, which affects the activity of progesterone, thus delaying ovulation. EllaOne can be applied up to 120 hours, or 5 days, after sexual intercourse.

Use the e-Prescription form

Is the "morning-after" pill effective?

Emergency contraception has a very high effectiveness—only 2% of women (2 out of 100 women) who took the "morning-after" pill in the right time still became pregnant.


However, it should be emphasized that several factors can influence the effectiveness of emergency contraception:

  • The time gap between intercourse and taking the pill,
  • The woman's cycle phase,
  • ovulation on the day of intercourse
  • how the body reacts to the pill

How often can the "morning-after" pill be taken?

It is important to remember that the "morning-after" pill is emergency contraception and should only be used in urgent situations. It should not be used as a regular contraceptive method.

It is recommended to use emergency contraception a maximum of 2 times a month in a crisis situation. This applies to both EllaOne and Escapelle.

Also, keep in mind that taking 2 or 3 "morning-after" pills will not increase their effectiveness but may expose you to greater side effects and have the opposite effect.


Does the "morning-after" pill cause side effects?

Any hormonal preparation can induce side effects, especially when interacting with other medications you are taking. The most commonly mentioned unwanted effects include:

  • Headaches and dizziness,
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort,
  • Pelvic pain,
  • Vomiting, especially within 3 hours after taking the preparation,
  • The possibility of experiencing accelerated or delayed menstruation.

Where can you buy the "morning-after" pill?

Emergency contraception is available for purchase in most pharmacies. However, in Poland, an e-Prescription is required to purchase the "morning-after" pill.

Each time, using dedicated portals, you can check whether the "morning-after" pill is available at a pharmacy near your place of residence.

Is the "morning-after" pill expensive?

The cost of Escapelle ranges from 33 to 63 PLN, while EllaOne costs between 90 and 130 PLN.

When can the "morning-after" pill not be used?

There are health contraindications to the use of emergency contraception. These include:

  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • acute and chronic liver diseases,
  • thromboembolic disorders,
  • cancer (cervix, uterus, ovary, or breast),
  • impaired liver function.
Where can you buy the "morning-after" pill?

You can buy such a preparation at a pharmacy, but its release is possible only based on an e-Prescription. It can be obtained online.

Is the "morning-after" pill safe?

Taking the "morning-after" pill is safe when used only in exceptional situations. If a woman has additional questions in this regard, she can seek advice from an online gynecologist.

What is the effectiveness of emergency contraception?

If the preparation is taken within the first 24 hours after unprotected intercourse, its effectiveness ranges from 97% to 99%.

From what age can the "morning-after" pill be used?

This preparation can be used in exceptional situations (not as regular contraception) after reaching the age of 15.

Does the "morning-after" pill have side effects?

Like any medical preparation, the "morning-after" pill may also have side effects that pass with time, with the most common being spotting and abdominal pain. If any disturbing symptoms occur, a woman should consult with an online doctor.

Can you get the "morning-after" pill without a prescription?

Unfortunately, at present, in Poland, you can only buy the "morning-after" pill upon presenting an e-Prescription at the pharmacy.

Can you get an e-Prescription for emergency contraception during an online consultation?

Recently, telemedicine has significantly improved. Without major problems, you can schedule a visit to a specialist for an e-Visit. During this visit, you can ask the specialist to issue an e-Prescription for emergency contraception. However, it is worth noting that if the doctor deems it unnecessary to prescribe an e-Prescription for the "morning-after" pill, they may refuse the patient.

How is it most effectively to use the "morning-after" pill?

Emergency contraception is safest when taken within the first 24 hours after unprotected intercourse. This is when we can expect the highest effectiveness. Depending on the manufacturer, there are also pills that can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse. However, it should be remembered that with each passing hour, their effectiveness decreases.

Are there contraindications to taking emergency contraception?

As with any preparation, there are contraindications to the "morning-after" pill. The most common contraindications include: diseases of the small intestine affecting the absorption of food, severe liver disorders, past inflammations of the fallopian tubes or ectopic pregnancy, cancer, thromboembolic disorders, and asthma.

Can only a gynecologist prescribe the "morning-after" pill?

No. An e-Prescription for the "morning-after" pill can be prescribed by a doctor of any specialty.