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Visits to a psychiatrist are not the most pleasant. Intimate issues are raised. Sharing anyone causes discomfort for many people. This feeling can be aggravated by doctor’s offices in which patients feel alienated, especially when they’re in such doctor’s offices for the first time.

Would it not be comfortable if such a visit could be made at home? With an online psychiatrist?


Online consultations allow you to avoid long waiting times for a medical appointment. Facilitation is the lack of access which is convenience, among others for people from smaller towns.

Do you need specialist and quick medical advice the psychiatrist doctor? You don’t want to travel sever kilometers for an appointment or wait for weeks for advice?


With the haloDoctor, you can consult a psychiatrist over the internet quickly and without leaving your home.


The advice of a psychiatrist is extremely convenient, so you don’t have to postpone it. It’s time to take care of your health! 

Online consultations with psychiatrist – what can you consult during the e-visit?


You can talk about these symptoms when visiting a psychiatrist online:

  • guiltiness or helplessness,
  • feeling of constant tension or physical fatigue,
  • sadness, general depression,
  • sudden changes in mood,
  • avoiding social contacts,
  • hallucinations,
  • insomnia,
  • anxiety.

You can take online consultations with psychiatrist in the following forms: phone call, chat or video. All you need is a select a time at the psychiatrist and the method of contact.

What the consultation looks like?

Meet our experienced psychiatrists.

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Get a prescription

In addition to the family doctor’s fast teleport advice, another advantage is the possibility of receiving an e-prescription witch you can get after visiting online.


You don’t need to create an account, you will receive e-prescription in the form of a code in SMS and in e-mail message.

E-prescription can be issued for drugs such as:

RP drugs
RPW drugs
leki recepturowe
Prescription drugs
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